Hotels & Restaurants

Make new comfort for your customers

Restaurant and Hotel televisions can now run ad-free

Set a new trend by running your own content instead of ad

Let your customers be amazed

With Remoover, the possibilities are endless.

  • Play relaxing music
  • Use the commercial break to promote your offering
  • Customise as needed, the platform is innovative

Customize your content

Remoover has powerful but easy-to-use controls. All your devices may be customised using our portal. You have the option of choosing content for every hour of the day

  • Powerful controls
  • One-click control to enable/disable the software
  • Promote your services
  • Cost effectiveness

Happy AD

Create your own marketing campaign with Happy AD. Meet your business goals by increasing your sales and creating better exposure. It’s like an additional burger at happy hour.
Run campaigns for a specified duration until you come up with new marketing material

  • Change the content easily – simple upload
  • Play different content on different TVs
  • Brand building
  • Keep your customer delighted

Game changer

Let your business be different. Make your restaurant ad-free and keep getting repeat customers to build a loyal customer base.

  • Create a relaxed atmosphere
  • Promote your business
  • Let all the people watch your content
  • Simple integration
Want to install Remoover?

We are happy to help.

Our team of trained professionals shall install the solution at your premises. They are trained for various types of businesses.

Looking forward to your own video campaigns?

We offer excellent services

We’ll design exciting video campaigns for you. Promote your business the way you like it.